[ Tue(16) Mar 2021 ] - [ 07:26 ]
Virgin Media and The Double Payment Issue...

Just recently I was using 5 static IPv4's, I upgraded to 13 (or 16, 3 fixed) and that's when the problems started.

So what happened was they assigned me 13 static ipv4's, they fucked up and gave me someone else's IPv4's so for 7 days while I waited to find out why and after the faults team said "Ohh Its leaving our network, must be a firewall issue" It really got to me, I had basically no internet for a week while they found out they had mixed up the ip addresses...

What was the solution ? It was to rebuild my account, I was told I would be charged 10.40 instead of 86.40 but no no, I was charged 2 full months at once, What I now know is they expect you to pay it even if you do not have money.

Moral of the story is, as soon as a more decent fibre company come along and offer IPv4 and IPv6 i'm stuck with virgin, being charged a lot of money for a little service.

Hect0r Xorius
[ Mon(15) Mar 2021 ] - [ 11:41 ]
Not All Humans Think The Same...

So this post is something that is bothering me, I tried to post this on facebook but it would not let me, so I am posting here on my own hosted line ;)

What is a nonce ?

The definition of nonce has 2 meanings to me, first is a cryptographic nonce used in cryptography the other is a slang word for someone who is either convicted or not convicted of sexual offences, that includes Rape, Murdering after Rape and being a peadophile... That list includeds anything to do with sexual offences to anyone of any kind and mostly used towards people who engage with sexual acts with minors.

So Wayne Couzens, you may have heard of this guy by now, he has caused such a stir in the world of everything female and now everything male, at no point do I say he is right in what he did, no not at all he is the def of a nonce, his behaviour screams peado and nonce.

Anyway this guy (Wayne Couzens) Raped and Killed a girl in her 30's, im not linking her name as im saying some absolutely disgusting things about him and im sure the last thing th efamily want is my rant as its not by any means to offend anyone im just pissed at some females taking this wayyyyy over the top.

What do I mean women taking this to far ? Well for starters the 6PM Curfew for men, thats a bit harsh as yes I may be in the house all the time I do like going for walks alone at night sometimes around the town to just walk away my troubles, not going out my way to hurt or even harm anyone I just like walking outside after 6PM or even if I do not walk out the house after 6PM I have to take my tablets which is usually around 9/10PM at my mothers house, so if im caught going to my mothers house after 6 does this mean im going to be locked up ? does this mean that until the ban is lifted at likely 6 in the morning or even 8am ?

Women having words with their kids ? this is cruel, its porn that has objectified women, they just look like slaves in my eyes, even gay porn too but still all porn in general someones being dominated at some point in the video or image... Maybe everyone should follow what pornhub did and delete alll public uploaded files until a verified user claims oownership and legal rights to it.
Kids will be kids, its what you say to them when theyre young that sets, I wasent told about life and what to expect when ever I decided to do something outside like walking late at night... im 6ft 2, So im not someone to mess with yes, but I also wouldent ever harm anyone unless they started doing it to me, I believe in karma and every equal action has a consequence.

All Im saying is, it really messes with my mind when someone crosses the road or fakes a phone call when I walk past even though im not even looking at them or even give them suspicion of im going to harm em im juts walking sometimes on my phone actually but not all the time, So it does mess with my mind and I can say this for certain that kind of judgement made my mind loose it a few years ago. It has a impact thats all im saying every one, it messes with kind peoples minds <3


Hect0r Xorius
[ Wed(10) Mar 2021 ] - [ 19:20 ]
Something Something Darkside.

You know, as I delve deeper into coding something, it always leads back to the same thing, what does this compiler lack that would be use full and fun.

Just a tip im working on a compiler, chesterfield will be fun, exciting and multi language, Stay Tuned =P

Hect0r Xorius
[ Mon(08) Mar 2021 ] - [ 15:30 ]
Welcome To The Blog!

I have owned this domain name a year now, I had plans to build a blog and now I am getting around to it :)

So some things work, im also at work most days so if you do not get a reply from the contact form, no sweat I will get back to you ;)

But this is my home for content, code and ranting!

Hect0r Xorius

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